We make podcasts.

Guiding Audio Strategies

Podcast dev & launch

You know your brand needs a podcast to deepen your audience relationships, but you don’t know where to start. EarSight Studios can help you get your gear, cast your show, define your purpose, and get your voice(s) out in the world.

Complete podcast production

You’re already up and running your podcast, but your storytelling needs something more magnetic. We’ll collaborate on a pivot for your show, and make the ear candy you knew was possible.

Audio asset management

Your in-house team is spectacular. You have journalists who dig deep or thought leaders with insight. But somehow the magic is slipping through the cracks. We’re experts in collating newsrooms and brand evangelists.

EarSight notes from Todd Manley

This has been a decades long journey with sound. I am a marginal sax player and a maximum curator of people. My writing relies on both lead pencils, scrub wheels, and most importantly storytellers AND story gatherers.

I lean on two passions: audio and human capital.


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