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Podcast Dev

In 2004, I became obsessed with broad listening experiences on demand. This led to the beta creation of MyHeadset.Net for Tribune Publishing and the podcast portal 720-To-Go. Then came numerous projects with RADIO.COM through WXRT.

Audio Branding

It all started with a deep desire to make movies without pictures. We needed to promote those movies, and in the world of radio that was dubbed imaging. Being stubborn, my preference was to call those promos ‘blind trailers.’

Change MGMT

Ultimately, all teams face a crisis or need to pivot for growth. If you’re on the inside, emotions run deep. Some strategies need delivery tomorrow, some require long range design. Let us share our success stories in this space & collaborate on your solution.

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Todd Manley

This has been a decades long journey with sound. I am a marginal sax player and a maximum curator of people. My writing relies on both lead pencils, scrub wheels, and most importantly storytellers AND story gatherers.

Let’s have a conversation about what EarSight might be able to do for your business or community.

I lean on two passions: audio and human capital.